Thursday, April 19, 2012

Never Doubt Yourself

If I would leave any thought with someone
I would say
No matter what people say,
no matter what you may think sometimes,
If you believe in yourself
you will succeed far more than you will fail

“He who possesses a quiet kind of faith in his ability
to perform a task already has the task half completed.”

Believe in yourself despite setbacks,
despite the seemingly immovable obstacles,
despite the cold and dark,
despite the woe and pain,
and eventually your faith will come to fruition,
and you will find all those troubles behind you.

The simplest thing in the world is
to deride ourselves because we made a mistake,
to give up and say, "I'm no good",
the more difficult thing is
to believe in ourselves and
constructively continue our life
The greatest error in life is to downgrade ourselves
The most horrible tragedies in life
have occurred from a lack of faith in one's own self,
one's own ability,
from a belief that one cannot succeed,
but that failure is their sole lot in life.

There seems to be a self uncertainty that builds up in the mind
every time one makes a mistake
or fails to accomplish a task,
and with every successive blunder
the uncertainty grows stronger
until one doubts one's ability to do anything right
Being human we are host to a number of frailties,
each one of which disturbs and depresses us,
and makes us doubt our worth.

We are not a mechanically precise machine,
we are a bundle of nerves
which often tangle and get jangled,
but are capable of amazing performance.

We have more strength than we believe,
there is more fight within us than we know,
and far more potential than we could ever call forth
or even dream of being possible.

by Walter Westfall- Illinois 1999



Be confident in yourself, help yourself, fight back and do the best.
Allah is there to help you

“And (as for) those who strive hard for Us, We will most certainly guide them in Our ways; and Allah is most surely with the doers of good.”
(Al-ankaboot; 69)

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