Friday, March 23, 2012

Belajar dan tujuannya

dalam belajar harus ingat

physiology is concerned with function (fx),
anatomy is structure (art time),
biochemistry is chemistry of living thing (=.="),
pathology is study of suffering (or it's me that is suffering?)
parasitology is study of parasite 
microbiology is dealing with virus, bacteria and fungi 
immunology is study of immune defense system (this is where warcraft/dota is applied =D )
clinical skills is mastering skills needed (love this!)
medicine & society is ...........................???
pharmacology is studying of drug (class of spelling+remembering)

10 subjects that will be appeared in FINAL EXAM! *cuak*

Doing my revision, I found this book: The Miracle in the cell membrane by Adnan Oktar. Great book ue know. Awesome!! if ue want to study then make sure it is not because of the exam, it is because of Allah and when it is because of Allah, pray to HIM so that ue knowledge will bring ue towards Him and also open the passage of Dakwah.

and remember this:

"Studying for knowledge means studying for Allah; when everything is centered because of Allah, there will be no word of give up!" -'A-

and this:

"If you lived in the time of prophet, what would you give for Islam? Khalid al-Walid gave his sword. Abu Hurairah gave his memory. Ali gave his knowledge. Abu Bakar gave his trust. Abdul Rahman Auf gave his money." -Pak Arbi-

"Whatever we may give, make sure we aren't giving useless tears only. If we have given nothing this whole time, when will we start giving?" -AmeenMisran-


So what will ue give 'Atiqah? what is something that you can give? 
make it useful and meaningful! ue can do it, believe!

So, belajar itu bukan semata-mata kerana exam, kau punya matlamat yang lebih jauh. Maka bila kau belajar, usaha itu adalah perlu tapi bukan semata-mata kerana exam. Usahalah kerana Dia, kerana mengejar pahala jihad, kerana mencari keredhaanNya. Dengan itu barulah studymu itu punya makna! barulah kau itu tidak lemas dalam usaha!

dalam rasa kemabukan baca pharmaco~

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