Saturday, July 07, 2012

I gonna walk the same path

you will never lost if you fight back!

Don't you know there were many strategics back there
Strategics that even when you trying to run away, you can't
you were leave with no option but to fight

it's scary
just thinking of it, 
my hands shaking tremendously
heart pounding crazily
gasping for the air
and feet became cold
what is this?

it is definitely true then
life is a series of challenges
a big challenge surely make huge change
either bring out strengths and abilities you never knew you have
or otherwise, crush you to the ground until you don't know how to rebound

when I have this kind of fighting inside
she said
"take those challenges and bring yourself to life"
huh, surely she had that courage
and when I put that kind of face
she said
"Don't make that kind of face, surely you will catch up
believe that all you need"

if seeing is believing
then for me
it is
trying that make me believe
and FAITH is all I should have

"As long as you put Allah in front
you will seeing Him in all your steps
and that's all you need"

I'am nothing
HE who make me turn into something!


Musa alaihis salaam
Tariq ibn Ziyad
not to mention others
surely there are lots to learn


I don't know when did I felt tense by this group of person
and why I feel so?
it is because I know I will never be like them?
huhh getting jealous times to times
I gonna walk the same path as ue all!
I gonna take the path you took
blood and tears, I gonna go through it
it's true I will never be the same line as where they had been
but I want to be at their place, where they are now
even I know it's quite impossible for me
but I really want to do this
so please, please let's me stay
and give me strength to fight

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