Wednesday, March 18, 2015

when sorry pierce the heart

Rasa bersalah itu wujud banyak
Dan semakin menebal
Sungguh aku cinta tapi kenapa aku tak sanggup berkorban?

I really, really want to take away ur pain
It might be hard for me but it gonna be harder for ue
Im being selfish isn't?
Greedy, hipokrit, self centre
Im sorry i cannot take the blow
Im fighting with time,
I have to stay with my everything for now

Dan kau ada saham di atasnya iAllah

So dear,
please be strong
Im sorry i cannot tell u that iam sorry

The word sorry become a knife to the heart, it pierces the heart, breaking it into pieces~

-the road will never be the same without u here
-I believe He always be the best planner

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